Support for Individuals and Families Living with Dementia

The Seagull offer a range of support services for people living with dementia and their families and carers. 

On any given week there is likely to be at least one dementia specific event which can be accessed.

Our aim is to be provide a supportive and inclusive environment where those with living with the effects of dementia can relax and gain some enjoyment, social connection and simple fun.

Memory Cafe - Fortnightly

We operate a memory cafe on alternate Wednesdays between 10.30am and 12.00pm

The cafe is an opportunity to enjoy a complimentary refreshment in good company. The cafe is themed and often includes additional activities such as craft work or musical accompaniment

Chair Fitness - Fortnightly

Our Chair Fitness classes operate on alternate Wednesdays at 10.30am - thats the opposite week to Memory Cafe - so every Wednesday at 10.30am there is an event 

This is a very gentle exercise class intended for those who have limited mobility or who live with Dementia. Carers are encouraged to attend alongside their supported adult.

Music Appreciation - Monthly

Our Music Appreciation Group, led by Helen Hayes, meets on the First Friday of every month from 1.30pm

The group is for anyone who enjoys music, you do not need to be able to play an instrument or hold a tune, just be willing to have some fun !

Carers Wellbeing Group - Monthly

Our Carers Group is led by a professional counsellor and meets on the first thursday of each month at 10.30am

This group is specifically for carers, however we recognise that often attendance is hard unless there is respite care for the supported person as well. Therefore if you wish to attend the carers event but are concerned about leaving your loved one, we provide a small supported group for people living with dementia which operates during the carers session.

Mindfulness and Relaxation for Carers - Monthly

Alongside our Carers wellbeing group - we also offer a Mindfullness and Relaxation Group for carers. This runs once a month on the 3rd Thursday.

Come along for the opportunity to relax and get back in touch with your self.

Sunday Classics Film Club - Monthly

Our Film Club is so much more than a cinema visit!

Each month we screen a classic musical or drama and accompany it with an interactive performance from our team of talented singers. The whole event is themed with costumes and interaction from the moment our guests arrive and is designed to stimulate reminiscence and provoke memory.

The film club is supported by our partners at Waveney District Council, Suffolk County Council and the North Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group. Their support enables us to offer this service at no cost to guests.

Your visit to the film club will start with our team welcoming you at any time between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. During this initial hour there is complimentary tea and biscuits available along with plenty of time and space to for guests to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and settle any anxiety. Our team of friendly performers will put you at your ease and there is plenty of opportunity for a nice chat.

At 2.30pm we open up the theatre and guests can take a seat. There is no rush and we keep the lights up in the auditorium throughout the screening so that you can see your way. There is plenty of room on the stage for wheelchairs and we can provide extra chairs if carers want to sit beside their guest.

This is a relaxed screening so during the film we welcome our guests chatting and commenting as well as moving around to visit the loo or stretch their legs. Members of our team remain in the foyer to ensure that no guest becomes lost or is left unattended.

After the film has finished, we welcome our performer team back on stage and they will lead everyone in a singalong of songs relevant to the movie or period. We put the words up on a screen to help you join in – or you can just clap along. Our guests tell us this is the part of the show they enjoy the most!

Afterwards there is the opportunity for more social time and biscuits!